“I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille”


Yes, our Department is in the movie business.

Maybe you’ve seen one of our films, posted on Facebook or Twitter from our Vimeo account.


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No Longer Recognizing the Mirror

citizenfourMelanie Williams — who graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in Anthropology and Religious Studies — is currently studying to become a commercial pilot at Gallatin College in Montana. She recently did a happy dance after earning her private pilot’s license.

Last night I watched “Citizenfour” at the Emerson Center, an old community arts building. Have you heard of the movie? It’s gotten a lot of Oscar buzz, according to the Bozeman Documentary Series director who introduces each feature. This film is directed by Laura Poitras and was shot mainly in Hong Kong, in the hotel room of Edward Snowden, as he prepared to release classified documents outlining the U.S. government’s covert and unconstitutional surveillance programs to The Guardian and The Washington Post.

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The Wolf


By Christopher Farzaneh
Christopher Farzaneh is a senior majoring in biology from Orlando, Florida. He hopes to go onto medical school after he graduates to become a physician someday.

Recently, after having watched The Wolf of Wallstreet, I began to ponder the perception of Jordan Belfort, the main character, in the eyes of other audience members. It became evident to me that Jordan Belfort could be seen as both a hero and a villain depending on one’s personal beliefs. In case you have not seen or read the story of Jordan Belfort, here is a little glimpse of the film:

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