I Cannot Tell a Lie


By John D. James
John D. James is a junior Religious Studies major and General Business minor from Huntsville, Alabama.

In an online article titled “The George Washington You Never Knew”, the author constructs a different, more personal Washington. The author’s own construction of who his “Washington” is includes a poor speaker, a dictator, even a master of espionage. The author is trying to emphasize a view of his “Washington” that few ever see. Challenging the idea of who George Washington was and who the man continues to be perceived as raises the question: do we ever truly know who a historical figure was? Are our own agendas and purposes being thrust upon these symbolic people without us even realizing it? The idea of George Washington is more than just a man who was alive in 1776; it’s a symbol that we construct out of our own consciousness and project ideas, motives, and agendas onto. Continue reading