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Coming Soon: American Examples

Just after Spring Break, the first American Examples Workshop will be hosted at the University of Alabama, funded jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Religious Studies. Held here in Tuscaloosa and organized by Prof. Michael Altman, the goal of the workshop is to rethink the way religion in America is studied and taught. […]

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The Book Event – As Told in Pictures

Last Thursday, the Religious Studies Department hosted its second annual book event at Ernest & Hadley Booksellers in downtown Tuscaloosa. The refreshments and cozy ambiance created the perfect atmosphere for any book lover to mingle and browse the store. Professors, students, and even Tuscaloosa locals joined us to discuss Prof. Ramey‘s and Prof. Loewen‘s recently published books. […]

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50 Things for 50 Years

To commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Department of Religious Studies, we’ve put together a video of fifty different things REL has been up to over the years. We sure do have a lot going on around Manly Hall, and our majors and minors help to make a lot of that possible. It’s been a great fifty years, and here’s to fifty more! Take a look at what we have going on, and we hope to see you around the […]

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A Room of Our Own

Tweets on the value of our dept. lounge: — Mike Altman (@MichaelJAltman) December 1, 2014 I just walked into the lounge to refill my water bottle and a student in my class was hanging out with her laptop. — Mike Altman (@MichaelJAltman) December 1, 2014 "I spent all day looking for this!” she says, and holds up a book. It’s Sehat’s _Myth of American Religious Freedom_… — Mike Altman (@MichaelJAltman) December 1, 2014 “Have you looked at it?”“Not really. Just […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Manly Hall

New to Manly Hall this semester? Confused about what all REL has to offer? Well you’re in luck! Our handy dandy Manly Hall tips and pointers video has just hit the big screen. Give it a watch and you’ll be more than ready for the coming semester! You’re welcome. Manly Hall Handbook from UA Religious Studies. Did you see our new Welcome Back video? If not, give it a watch here. […]

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Honors Day 2014

This past Friday, 4 April 2014, the Department of Religious Studies hosted its thirteenth Honors Day ceremony. Due to the weather, we had to move the ceremony from its usual venue on the 2nd floor balcony of Manly Hall to Alumni Hall–special thanks to them! Our event began after the Arts & Sciences Honors Day Convocation in Moody Music Hall where Prof. Russell McCutcheon (Chair of REL) recognized Outstanding Student Jared Powell and Silverstein Scholar Maggie Paul (pictured above, left […]

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