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The Jim Salem Chair Award Goes to REL

We’re very pleased to announce that, at the year-end A&S chairs event over the weekend, Dean Robert Olin presented the annual Jim Salem Chair Award to REL’s own Prof. Russell McCutcheon. Instituted by the Dean after the death, in July of 2012, of the longtime American Studies Department Chair, Jim Salem, the award recognizes “outstanding leadership to students, faculty, and the College.” Salem, who chaired the search committee that brought Dean Olin to UA, was known for his enthusiasm, dry […]

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Coming Soon: American Examples

Just after Spring Break, the first American Examples Workshop will be hosted at the University of Alabama, funded jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Religious Studies. Held here in Tuscaloosa and organized by Prof. Michael Altman, the goal of the workshop is to rethink the way religion in America is studied and taught. […]

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On Beginnings: Part 21

This essay (serialized here across 24 separate posts) uses words and numbers to discuss the uses of words and numbers — particularly examining evaluations of university degrees that employ statistical data to substantiate competing claims. Statistical analyses are crudely introduced as the mode du jour of popular logic, but any ratiocinative technique could likely be inserted in this re-fillable space and applied to create and defend categories of meaning with or without quantitative support. Questions posed across the series include: […]

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3 Things You Should Do During #RELWeek

The College of Arts and Sciences is all about REL this week. That’s right, it’s #RELWeek. What does that mean? It means that A&S will be featuring REL on its social media accounts all week as part of its All About A&S campaign. So, here are three things you can do to celebrate #RELWeek 1. Follow us on Instagram. Just think about it. #RELWeek #AllAboutAS A photo posted by UA Dept. of Religious Studies (@studyreligion) on Oct 6, 2015 at 7:20am […]

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Learning to be Quick and Agile

Did you attend the inaugural Hidden Humanities Lecture last night in Gorgas Library (sponsored by the College and Arts & Sciences)? No? Well, you missed quite an event — it was filmed so watch for that in the coming weeks. And don’t forget, the second lecture is coming up in late February, with a new speaker. In the meantime, check out this video of Prof. Ferris, last evening’s lecturer, talking about the Humanities… the gateway to success, it’s the gateway […]

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