Now It’s On

Walking up the stairs when arriving at REL's buildingIf you’re new to REL then you may not know much about any of our traditions — such as our annual welcome back videos.

Started in 2012, with a drive around town and an TV show theme song from the 1970s, they’ve progressed over the years, both as a way signal the start of a new school year and to tip our hat to the new faculty members who have joined us.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic changing the game last Spring, and causing everyone to rethink what it means to go back to school in the Fall, REL is pleased to announce that — of course! — we have a new welcome back video, coming on the first day of the semester. Until then, however, we hope that you enjoy a little trip down memory lane, riding into campus with Prof. Altman.

And yes, their boys are a little taller now.

Remember, it’s not a re-run if its new to you.