Chris Hurt Returns for Grad Tales

Last night REL welcomed back 2008 grad Chris Hurt, who had a thing or two to say about the continuing relevance of his liberal arts degree at UA. Interviewed by Justin Nelson (himself an REL grad from 2007), Chris talked about how he ended up at UA from Mississippi, his experiences in our classes, as well as how he found his way to Los Angeles after graduation — where he now lives, working at Wag while also pursuing a career in music.

As if having Chris back wasn’t enough, we were particularly happy to see our entire Alum Liaison Committee also at the event (left to right: Kim Davis, Justin Nelson, Jennifer Nelson, and Khara Cole, with Prof. Touna, our faculty rep to the committee, in the middle).

We’ll see the committee back on the second floor balcony for Honors Day next week (Friday, Apr 5, at noon), when they’ll be giving out, for the first time, a new annual award that they’ve established.

Grad Tales began in 2013 and features returning alums who meet with 100-level students as well as REL majors and grad students, to talk about careers and the relevance of what they learned in Manly Hall. That our students have gone on to succeed in such a wide number of careers makes the events all the more interesting. For instance, it’s not everyday that an REL grad returns to watch his own music video with us, as Chris did last night.

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