On the Right Track

Did you happen to see the job ad posted for a position at the National Humanities Center (in North Carolina)?

Click the description of the position, below, to read the full ad.

I post this here because this ad is surprisingly close to the sort of position to which grads from our new MA program could apply.

Sure, we aim to train students to be competitive in their applications to first-rate doctoral programs, but we also know that, for some, earning an MA is not necessarily prep for an eventual Ph.D.; instead, it might gain for them further training in critical thinking plus other practical skills that are applicable in who knows what other areas — such as skills in the digital tools that are increasingly required across a broad range of professions and careers.

Just like this position at the National Humanities Center.

Although we won’t have any grads for a couple of years (since the two year, 36 credit hour degree starts in Fall of 2017), seeing this ad confirmed for me that we’re on the right track.