Lecture on Evolution & Religion

ALLELEOn March 31, Dr. William Lee McCorkle presented his research as part of the Alabama Lectures on Life’s Evolution (ALLELE) series, sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences. His lecture, titled “Religion, a Cultural Virus,” offered a crash-course on the academic study of religion and focused on the advantages of an evolutionary theory of religion, as well as highlighting his work at LEVYNA, the Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion, which he helped to establish.

Dr McCorkle was introduced by Professors Chris Lynn (Anthropology) and Eleanor Finnegan (Religious Studies).

If you missed the lecture, you can watch it below! Fair warning: the lights dim at about the ten minute mark so that the live audience could more easily read Dr. McCorkle’s slides.

Religion, a Cultural Virus with Dr. Lee McCorkle from UA Religious Studies.

If you want to learn more about interdisciplinary approaches to the study of evolution, then check out UA’s new Evolutionary Studies minor.