3rd Annual Dinner at Dr. Ramey’s

rameydinnerAs they have for three years now, Prof. Steven Ramey and his wife, Terra Rodgers, hosted the final RSSA dinner for the department. From the homemade Indian food and desserts, to the South Indian coffee after dinner, and the wonderful conversation in between, it was a fantastic night! We even had a few musical performances from Raj and Han, Dr. Ramey’s sons, as well as our own Zach Price.

rameydinner4There was a fantastic turnout from students and faculty to family and friends—quite an event, as always!

rameydinner3We definitely had a lively crowd with too many conversations to keep up!

rameydinner1So a BIG thanks to Prof. Ramey and Terra Rodgers for welcoming the Department into their home for a fantastic dinner and evening! A great way to end the year!

(And, I think 3 makes it a tradition…))