Talking on the Nones at the AAR

mon panel

Did you miss the panel “Discussing the Nones: What They Say About the Category Religion and American Society” at the American Academy of Religion meetings in Baltimore last month? Our own Prof. Steven Ramey joined Chip Callahan (Missouri), Sean McCloud (UNC Charlotte), Monica Miller (Lehigh University) and Patricia O’Connell Killen (Gonzaga) for a lively panel discussion that is now available for your viewing pleasure. Steven and Monica have already written about their responses to the panel here. Now you can watch it for yourself, with a new segment posted each day this week.

All five panelists join in a spirited discussion of their agreements, disagreements, and the implications for the academic study of religion.

This segment features Sean McCloud (Associate Professor in Religious Studies, University of North Carolina, Charlotte) challenging assumptions of exclusivity built into the conception of the Nones.

Discussing the ‘Nones’ with Sean McCloud from UA Religious Studies.

This segment features Monica Miller (Assistant Professor in Religion Studies and Africana Studies, Lehigh University) describing her research on the Nones in the Pacific Northwest and the ways her approach has changed.

Discussing the ‘Nones’ with Monica Miller from UA Religious Studies.

You can find a recent Edge/HuffPo piece co-authored by Steven and Monica here and the Nones intro that was distributed at the AAR session with more links here. Stay tuned for more videos from the panel.

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