We’re All Rugged Individualists

Cultural Studies:  Bane of the Humanities 1

A friend a Mizzou just sent me the link to this article today, in which Culture Studies is blamed for some of the problems currently confronting the Humanities — that we’re now all plodding through “jargon-infested jungles of heavy theory,” as this author puts it, while wielding his critical thinking machete.

A couple paragraphs stood out in particular (one of which my friend quoted in sending it to me):

culturestudiesMy guess is that students in our Department, and our grads, might have something interesting to say to Prof. David Mikics, the author of this piece, about the sort of disembodied thinking minds that he seems to presume that we (we? Yes, we) all are, deep down in our core, when we (there’s that pesky social pronoun again) somehow escape culture’s bonds.

Language, by the way, is part of culture, right?