Religion in Culture Lectures

The Religion in Culture Lecture Series, named after the department’s motto and inaugurated in November 2001, is one of two lecture series hosted by the department — the other being the annual Aronov Lecture. The department also hosts a Religion in Culture Lunch Series.

The Religion in Culture series provides a venue for local and visiting scholars to address the role played by religious beliefs and practices in creating and contesting culture.

As opposed to seeing religion as set apart and periodically interacting with items of culture — as typically implied by the more common “religion and culture” — this lecture series highlights the manner in which those behaviors and institutions named as religion are elements of ordinary cultural practices. As made evident in the department’s motto, the focus of this lecture series is therefore religion in culture, in history, and in context. 

Although one goal of this lecture series is to invite scholars from our own campus, working in cognate disciplines, to share their current research with our students and faculty, the Religion in Culture lecture series also hosts scholars from other universities. 

This series has been greatly assisted by funds available through the College of Arts & Sciences’ Anonymous Lecture Fund for the Humanities.

Previous Lecturers

For more information on each lecturer’s presentation, please click the year in which they presented their talk.

Prof. Richard Newton
Elizabethtown College
Visit his blog.

Prof. Gregg Lambert
Syracuse University

Prof. Greg Johnson
University of Colorado at Boulder

Prof. Naomi Goldenberg
Univeristy of Ottawa

Prof. David Watt
Temple University

Prof. Kurtis Schaeffer
University of Virginia

Prof. Rekha Nath
University of Alabama

Prof. Jennifer Shoaff
University of Alabama

Prof. Aaron Simmons
Furman University

Prof. David R. Bains
Samford University
Respondent: Prof. Mark McCormick
Stillman College/University of Alabama

Prof. Steven Ramey
University of Alabama

Prof. George McClure
University of Alabama

Prof. Hayden White
Emeritus, UC Santa Cruz

Prof. Herb Berg
University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Prof. Alexis McCrossen
Southern Methodist University

Prof. Eric Bain-Selbo
Lebanon Valley College
(This event was organized by American Studies and co-sponsored by REL)

Prof. Josephine Nhongo-Simbanegavi
University of Alabama

Prof. Ted Miller
University of Alabama

Prof. Jay Geller
Vanderbilt University

Prof. Jim Knight
University of Alabama

Prof. Hank Lazer
University of Alabama

Prof. William Arnal
University of Regina, Canada

Prof. Darlene Juschka
University of Regina, Canada

Prof. Kurtis Schaeffer
University of Virginia

Prof. Utz McKnight
University of Alabama

Prof. Maarten Ultee
University of Alabama

Prof. Julie Ingersoll
University of North Florida

Prof. Juergen Zangenberg
Bergische Universitaet, Germany

Prof. Paul Bartrop
Deakin University, Australia

Prof. Amilcar Shabazz
University of Alabama

Prof. Robert Stephens
University of Northern Iowa

Prof. Cathy Pagani
University of Alabama

Prof. James Apple
University of Alabama

Prof. Anita Leopold
Aarhus University, Denmark

Prof. Jeppe Sinding Jensen
Aarhus University, Denmark

Prof. Mindy Nancarrow
University of Alabama

Prof. Herman C. Waetjen
Graduate Theological Union

Prof. Gabriele Fassbeck
University of Alabama

Prof. Eddie Glaude
Princeton University

Prof. Willi Braun
University of Alberta, Canada

Prof. George Williamson
University of Alabama

Prof. Lawrence Powell
Tulane University

Prof. Mark McCormick
Stillman College

  • Prof. Michael Murphy, University of Alabama
  • Prof. Julie Ingersoll, University of North Florida
  • Prof. Marysia Galbraith, University of Alabama
  • Prof. Natalie Gummer, Beloit College