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What Do You Call a Group of Squirrels Anyway?

You might think that Manly Hall gets pretty quiet during the summer now that the majority of our students are on vacation. Well, think again! We’ve got quite the rowdy peanut gallery that hangs around the second floor balcony, and we set out the GoPro to film them in action. So if you’ve ever wanted to see a 20 minute video of squirrels eating peanuts, then have we got a show for you! That’s 20 minutes well spent if you ask […]

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The 13th Annual Aronov Lecture

Back in April, Dr. Shaul Magid, the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Chair in Jewish Studies and Professor of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies at Indiana University-Bloomington, delivered his “After Multiculturalism: Postethnicity and the Future of Judaism in America” as the Department of Religious Studies’ 13th Annual Aronov Lecture. The lecture series is named after the late Aaron Aronov — the founder of Aronov Realty and the person for whom the Department’s endowed chair in Judaic Studies is also named.  Did you miss the […]

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The Artistic Avenger

Ali Hval, the art major behind the Praxis Squad. Have you been reading the weekly Praxis Squad comic strips? (Of course you have.) Ever wonder who creates these academic adventures? (Again, of course.) Our latest video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Ali, REL’s cartoonist-in-residence, and the steps she takes to bring the Praxis Squad to life. Give it a watch! An Inside Look at the Praxis Squad from UA Religious Studies. Jared precariously perches as he films Ali’s artwork for […]

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Did You Get on Board?

Did you stop by the Religious Studies Student Association‘s table at Get on Board Day a few weeks ago?  Well if you missed out, don’t worry, we got it all on tape. To show a little “slice of life” in the Department, we’ve uploaded a video with a behind the scenes look of the setup for the event. Give it a watch! Get on Board Day 2014 from UA Religious Studies. […]

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REL, the Buzzfeed version

The Vimeo page has been pretty active so far this summer, and the REL movie crew has produced yet another hit! We took a cue from Buzzfeed for our newest video, “5 Things You Always Wanted to Know About REL Majors.” Watch to hear how our majors answer such questions as, “Why did you major in REL?”, “What do you like about the department?”, as well as a few fun ones too. 5 Things to Know About REL Majors from […]

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Ain’t Nothin’ Local About the Study of Religion

Do you ever wonder where our majors come from? Well, then, do we have a show for you! The department’s latest video shows that our students come to Alabama from all corners of the country, studying religion in culture from sea to shining sea. Stay tuned for more videos of our majors talking about their experiences in the department… Ain’t Nothin’ Local About the Study of Religion from UA Religious Studies. […]

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Studying Religion and…

The third installment of our “Studying Religion and…” video series is ready to roll! This album showcases the range of interests of our students and professors. The newest video, “Wonderin’ Where Our Majors Are…,” features many of our current double majors, and even a few triple majors. While you’re watching this one, take a look back at the others in the album and you’ll see that we live by our motto of studying religion in culture… all across culture. Wonderin’ […]

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