The Artistic Avenger

alihvalAli Hval, the art major behind the Praxis Squad.

Have you been reading the weekly Praxis Squad comic strips? (Of course you have.) Ever wonder who creates these academic adventures? (Again, of course.) Our latest video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Ali, REL’s cartoonist-in-residence, and the steps she takes to bring the Praxis Squad to life. Give it a watch!

An Inside Look at the Praxis Squad from UA Religious Studies.


Jared precariously perches as he films
Ali’s artwork for the video.

One thought on “The Artistic Avenger

  1. I am so proud of what Ali has accomplished in her life. The UA Religious Studies department is lucky to have her. She brings sunshine and joy to everything she touches! I love the detail of all of her art work! Even her writing is unique. She will not just write that the sky is blue, she’ll write, “The open space, which we call the heavens, is as blue as my female parental unit’s aquamarine anterior two layers of her embryonic neuroectoderm optic cup, more commonly called the iris.”
    Of course I may be a tad bit prejudice, as I am, after all, her maternal grandmother, known to her as her Nami.