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On Beginnings: Part 1

This essay (serialized here across 24 separate posts) uses words and numbers to discuss the uses of words and numbers — particularly examining evaluations of university degrees that employ statistical data to substantiate competing claims. Statistical analyses are crudely introduced as the mode du jour of popular logic, but any ratiocinative technique could likely be inserted in this re-fillable space and applied to create and defend categories of meaning with or without quantitative support. Questions posed across the series include: […]

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Going Strong

We established the REL blog two years ago this summer, originally linked to our 2012-13 lecture series on the relevance of the humanities (hence the theme of many of our early posts) but then widened the lens considerably last summer, developing a faculty blog along with one for current students, grads, and even for guests. Overall, we’ve had 23,500 hits, with 599 being our best single day. We’ll be posting from the archives throughout the summer, and publishing new content […]

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