Bonding with a Himalayan Spider

Himalayan heights

by Hannah Etchison

Hannah Etchison, a graduating senior majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Asian Studies, spent six weeks of this fall in India, staying primarily at a monastery where she learned from the women staying there and helped them with their English. Don’t miss her previous posts about her experiences (Hannah Goes to India 1Hannah Goes to India 2iPhones, Monks and the Images We Construct, Immediate Relativism)

I’ve been getting it a lot: “how was India?” I generally follow up with adjectives like amazing, incredible, life-affirming, or “the best place ever.” But I’d be more than happy to go into more detail, since I think at least some people are genuinely interested in what it’s like to teach English on a mountaintop Tibetan monastery to a bunch of Indian nuns. Continue reading