A Brief Chat with Prof. Touna

tounapicThe Department recently hired Vaia Touna as a new tenure-track faculty member. As has become our tradition with new hires, the REL film crew sat down for a brief interview with her. Give it a watch to learn about Prof. Touna, and be sure to say hello when you see her around Manly Hall.

Have You Met Prof. Touna? from UA Religious Studies.

There’s a New Kid in Town


Dr. Nathan Loewen, one of the department’s newest faculty members, sat down with the REL film team for a short interview. Everybody’s talking ’bout the new kid in town, so watch the video to get in the loop!

For another, more lengthy Q&A, click here.

Dr. Nathan Loewen, the New Kid in Town from UA Religious Studies.

An Interview with Nathan Loewen


We recently interviewed one of the newest members of our faculty, Dr. Nathan Loewen. Read what he has to say about his interests, background, and new job as Assistant Professor and Faculty Technology Liaison.

Q: Where did you train? What are your areas of research and teaching interest?

A: My areas of research and teaching interest include religion in modernity, philosophy of religion, the cross-section of religious studies with international development studies, and higher education pedagogy.

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