What Does it Really Mean to be ‘Mentally Ill’?


Sarah Sawyer is a senior at the University of Alabama studying International Relations and Chinese. She spends her ‘free time’ studying and wondering if Publix will have a sale on its wine anytime soon. She wrote this post for Dr. Ramey’s class, REL 321: Religion and Identity in South Asia.

“Many people feel ashamed because our society places illogical taboos on mental health issues and our silence can have deadly consequences.” These wise words are those of UA’s very own Elise Goubet as she ‘outed’ herself as having a mental illness in a powerful piece in the Crimson White on October 15th. In this article, Ms. Goubet asks for her fellow students to spark the conversation of what it means to identify as ‘mentally ill’ within a culture that has created so many stigmas around mental health issues.

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