Praxising What We Preach: Kickball and the Communitas of an Academic Department


Why do we teach our students social theory? Why teach them about collective effervescence, habitus, and discourse? I think we do it because we find these theories to be useful tools for analyzing and explaining the world around us. But often, I think, we academics are wont to apply these same theories to our more intimate surroundings. Theory is often a tool for explaining that stuff out there and rarely do we see it as a tool that we can put to use nearby. We don’t often praxis what we preach. Continue reading

The 6th Annual Manly Cup!


Back in 2009, the Religious Studies Student Association rekindled the flames of an old rivalry in Manly Hall: The Manly Cup. What was, in 2009, a heated competition and turf war between the RSSA and Theta Alpha Kappa, the Religious Studies Honor Society, has evolved into a competition between the REL students and faculty. Continue reading