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The Campus Interview

Last week I wrote a post on some strategies to think about when applying for academic jobs. As I wrote there, I’ve played the role of Chair long enough that, like many others in the field, I’ve learned a thing or two from being on this side of the interview table; and so, with interview season quickly approaching us, I thought that a sensible follow-up should be some reflections on the on-campus interview, as seen from the Department’s point of […]

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“Is that enough of a reference for you?”

Justin Dearborn is a 2007 UA graduate of New College, with a Depth Study in “Religion, Social Structure, and Culture Studies,” who was a frequent member of REL seminars. He currently lives in Los Angeles and is the US National Sales Manager for an Icelandic Craft Brewery. As I sit here on a Saturday afternoon, warm coffee in hand and enjoying the weekend, I find myself feeling both nostalgic and lucky. Nostalgic considering Dr. McCutcheon’s request for REL Grads to […]

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Have You Met Dr. Ikeuchi?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Department’s blog, then you’ll know that we recently hired Dr. Suma Ikeuchi as a new Assistant Professor. In keeping with tradition, the REL film crew sat down for an interview with her. Check it out to learn more about Dr. Ikeuchi and her research, and if you see her around Manly Hall be sure to give her a warm welcome! An Interview with Dr. Ikeuchi from UA Religious Studies. […]

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