In Praise of Indexing

Yes, I like making my own index.

There, I said it.

And so should you.

Sure, it’s the umpteenth time that you’re read your own text, the one that you (naively) thought was all done when you sent off the final manuscript to your publisher as a file attachment; but then it kept reappearing in your inbox, first with copyediting, which entailed negotiating with the copyeditor over your penchant for em dashes and semi-colons, then for proofing and yet more proofing. You wrote the 150 word blurb, the 300 word blurb, and let them know of all the journals (that they already knew about) where it might be reviewed and all of the conferences that you weren’t attending (where it might be promoted), and so the last thing you want to do is read it all once more to make the index….

So, yes, it’s kind’a pain to make one. I get that. But I like it nonetheless. Continue reading