The 4th Annual Day Lecture, Episode 5


Dr. Jason Bivins speaking, prior to his lecture, with Charles Day, whose family and friends have generously made this series possible.

In this concluding episode of our five-part series on the 4th Day Lecture, Dr. Bivins summarizes the central themes of his lecture, providing a few closing remarks on the commonalities between religion and jazz.

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The Fourth Annual Day Lecture 2016: Dr. Jason Bivins, Episode 5 from UA Religious Studies.

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The 4th Annual Day Lecture, Episode 4


Dr. Jason Bivins speaking with audience members after the conclusion of his lecture; at the far left is Mr. Charles Day, whose family & friends have made this series possible.

In the fourth episode of this five-part series, Dr. Bivins presents his second case study on Sun Ra, an American jazz composer from the 1960s well known for his experimental music and cosmic philosophies. Continue reading

The 4th Annual Day Lecture, Episode 3


Spirits Rejoice! by Dr. Jason Bivins discusses in further detail the research he presented in his lecture on jazz and religion. 

In this third installment of the 4th Day Lecture, Dr. Bivins introduces one of the many case studies from his book Spirits Rejoice!. This case study focuses on Albert Ayler, a jazz composer from the 1960s who “proceeded from a predictable location into something wild.” Continue reading

The 4th Annual Day Lecture, Episode 2


An attentive audience listens to Dr. Jason Bivins present his lecture on the “smoky” associations between jazz and religion.

In this second installment of the 4th Day Lecture, Dr. Bivins explains exactly why everything seems so smoky to him and provides an overview of how he set about conducting his research. Continue reading

The 4th Annual Day Lecture, Episode 1


Dr. Ted Trost introduced the fourth annual Day Lecturer. Dr. Trost  teaches courses in American Religious History, Religion and Popular Culture, Bible, and Religious Rhetoric in Literature and Film. This semester Prof. Trost is the Interim Director of New College.  

The Day Lecture was generously established by friends and family of the late Zach Day, a graduate of our Department, to honor his memory, and is now an annual event thanks to the memorial fund named in his honor. The topics of these lectures are based around Zach’s interest in religion and its relation to popular culture through music, art, videos, gaming, and literature.

This year’s Day Lecture was given by Dr. Jason Bivins in a lecture entitled “Smoke, Sweat, and Panic: Language and Improvisation in Jazz and Religion.” We will be releasing his lecture in five different episodes over the coming weeks. This first episode introduces the “smoky associations” between religion and jazz and Dr. Bivins’ scholarly quest to “get into the smoke.” Continue reading

Jason C. Bivins Will Be Our 2016 Day Lecturer

9780190230913We are happy to announce that Jason C. Bivins, Professor of Religious Studies at North Carolina State University, will be our 2016 Day Lecturer this coming fall. Prof. Bivins is a specialist in religion and American culture with a focus on the intersection of religion and politics in the United States after 1900. Most recently, he is the author of Spirits Rejoice! Jazz and American Religion, where he explores the relationship between American religion and American music, and the places where religion and jazz have overlapped. Stay tuned for more information about this year’s Day Lecture as we get closer to the fall!