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Messing Up at Starbucks, or the Ritual Order of Choice

I’m a regular customer at Starbucks. Several times a week, I walk into one, order a drink, wait for it, say thank you, and walk out. I’m sure many of you do the same thing pretty often, if not every day, without even thinking about it. But I once failed miserably at this banal procedure. It was my first year in the US and I had just arrived from Japan, so many things were still new to me. But Starbucks […]

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We’re kicking off RSSA Coffee Breaks

You’ve probably heard by now that RSSA is starting a new monthly event–Coffee Breaks! The first Tuesday of every month, the Department will provide coffee in the lounge (Manly 200) for all to enjoy from 1:30-3:00pm. So come by between classes, have  a cup, and chat with your classmates and professors. A little birdy told me some donuts might even make an appearance… The first Coffee Break is this coming Tuesday, February 2nd. We hope to see you all there! […]

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Can Anything be a Ritual?

By Mary Rebecca Read-Wahidi Becky is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology and will graduate just as soon as she finishes writing her dissertation on the Virgin of Guadalupe. She joined the Department of Religious Studies as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Fall of 2012, and was immediately enamored by the charming atmosphere, lofty office space, and pencils with “religion in culture” printed on them. Recently in Dr. Ramey’s “Introduction to Religions of the World” class he was […]

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