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But Why Is It Interesting?

I’ve seen a variety of posts on social media about the recently-opened Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. While some have been pointing out the legal problems surrounding how the museum has acquired some of its artifacts, others contest how the museum presents its material. In other words, there are those who see it as nothing less than “evangelical propaganda” — and some of those holding this position seem to be scholars of the bible. […]

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Kicking Off Season 2 of ar·ti·facts

After a successful first season, our ar·ti·facts series is back for more! Each episode focuses on one professor discussing an item of interest in his or her office. Kicking off this year’s run is Prof. Rollens with her collection of pottery from a research dig in Israel. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more. ar·ti·facts: Picking up the Pieces with Prof. Sarah Rollens from UA Religious Studies. […]

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