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A Tired Old Joke

  The following is cross-posted from RELephantUA, the class blog for the REL Captsone Seminar. Be sure to check their blog for more great posts studying religion in culture. By Liz Long In TV, the same jokes have a habit of popping up over and over again in different shows. Someone falls in love with their work partner. Someone has two dates to the same event. Everyone’s family is dysfunctional. They’re tiring, boring plots that we’ve seen several times before on […]

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Classification matters — at least to G.O.B.

You a fan of “Arrested Development”? If so, you may remember the pilot episode where, during his retirement party, agents from the Securities and Exchange Commission raid the yacht to arrest George Sr. — but his son, G.O.B., the ungifted but enthusiastic amateur magician, hides him in the Aztec Tomb. Moral of the story? Classification matters. Oh, and don’t defraud investors in your real estate development company. […]

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