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50th Anniversary Fun Fact #1

Although dating to 1932, in 2016-17 we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary, given how the Department was reinvented in 1966-7 — in keeping with how the study of religion was established then across public universities in the US. No longer confessionally-oriented and staffed by campus ministers, it became a cross-culturally comparative and interdisciplinary field. So all semester, each Monday we’ll be posting a weekly fun fact from 1966 — not that long ago for some of us yet ancient history for […]

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Celebrate Good Times

Yes, this semester we’re celebrating our Department’s 50th anniversary. If you’re interested in some of the historical background, then see this post from this past August. The short story is that UA’s Department of Religious Studies dates to 1932, as best we can tell, but only in 1966-7 did the university — just like public universities all across the US — make the changes necessary for students to study religion in a manner that satisfied the requirements of the US […]

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