Join Us For the 9th Annual Day Lecture

Day 2022 Flyer

Join Prof. Michael Altman in a virtual conversation with Cody Musselman of Yale University
February 16, 2022 at 7pm (Central Time).

Cody Musselman is a scholar of contemporary American religion with degrees in Religious Studies from Yale University, Harvard Divinity School, and Kalamazoo College. Her work focuses on the theories and embodiment of religion in everyday life. Her current manuscript, “Spiritual Exercises: Fitness and Religion in Modern America” uses the fitness franchises CrossFit and SoulCycle as case studies for theorizing religion in popular culture.

Cody’s work focuses on spiritual but not religious (SBNR) fitness cultures of neoliberal capitalism, which involves carrying out fieldwork among CrossFit boxes and SoulCycle studios. She was a participant in American Examples 2021 and a contributor to Uncivil Religion — a joint REL/Smithsonian Museum online initiative.

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