6 Questions with Maggie Paul

We’ve started a new series, featuring grads that have ended up doing a pretty wide variety of things after leaving their REL classes (graduating either recently or a little while ago).  So we posed a few questions to each and let’s see what we learn.

1. When were you enrolled at UA and what major(s) and minor(s) did you graduate with?

I was a Religious Studies major when I enrolled at UA, and I graduated with a double major in Religious Studies and Geography. I graduated in 2015.

2. When you first came here from high school, what did you think you wanted to do for a career?

I actually transferred in as a junior from a different college. I was pretty sure I would work for the Episcopal Church in some way. 

3. Any memories from your REL classes in Manly Hall that stand out and, more importantly perhaps, that you can share without incriminating anyone?

My Religion in Film class with Dr. Trost was one of my favorites. I took it as a higher-level independent study and ended up writing my paper on the “Church of Football” after having watched “Bull Durham” and discussing the Church of Baseball. It seemed like the most Alabama paper I could write.

4. So what have you ended up doing and what path led you there? Tell us a little about your career now.

I am now the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, GA. I started off as a Youth Ministry Intern when I graduated from Alabama, and I started running the programs the next year. I feel like my background in Religious Studies really helped with this because it allowed me to have the deep thinking and reasoning skills to help my youth dig deeper into their faith. It is also helpful in helping draw different religious narratives together.

5. Is it fair to think that some of your REL undergrad classes or skills continue to be useful to you? If so, do you have any examples?

I would definitely say that the skills of some of my REL undergrad classes are still useful! It might be a little hard to pin point what specifically because I do work in a religious field, but I will say that having a well rounded background in critical thinking and world religions allows me to not just speak at my youth, but really engage them in discussion.

6. If you now gave some advice to your earlier self, the one in classes in Manly Hall, what would that be?

Take better notes in your books! It will come in handy when a question comes up at work.