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relephanttextcitedWhat do you get from a degree in Religious Studies? Throughout this semester, our students in the Capstone Senior Seminar have been applying questions that develop in the academic study of religion to a variety of issues, using social media from Twitter to Tumblr to illustrates the issues to a broad audience. Now it is time for posts to our class blog to roll out, starting later today and throughout next week. So, look for those posts at the class blog, and check back over the class’s social media activity on Twitter (@RelephantUA),

490 tweets

Tumblr (,

duck flamingo


and Facebook (RELephantUA page).

490 facebook

In addition to these venues where our students are illustrating the relevance of work in Religious Studies to the public discussion of religion and a range of other topics, we will make their final digital projects available online in a few weeks. So stay tuned for even more examples of students demonstrating the ways they use their work in Religious Studies. We are RELephantUA!

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About Steven Ramey

Steven Ramey is Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and Director of Asian Studies at the University of Alabama. His research focuses on groups who contest dominant understandings of the religions of India, both in India and beyond. His newest project addresses the assumptions in the language of religious labels and the ways those assumptions determine research and valorize particular constructions of religions. Through this project, he wants to consider alternative paradigms for describing these collections of practices and ways those alternative paradigms can influence research and pedagogy.

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