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I Know You Are But What Am I?

By Cara Burnidge Cara Burnidge, Assistant Professor of Religion at the University of Northern Iowa, teaches Religions of the World and researches religion in U.S. foreign relations. She also tweets and, along with her students, curates a Flipboard magazine dedicated to religion in international affairs. Readers beware: this blog post is not about religion. It is a reflection on some of the issues involved in defining an object of study.* This past week, Rachel Maddow kicked off her show with […]

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REL, the Buzzfeed version

The Vimeo page has been pretty active so far this summer, and the REL movie crew has produced yet another hit! We took a cue from Buzzfeed for our newest video, “5 Things You Always Wanted to Know About REL Majors.” Watch to hear how our majors answer such questions as, “Why did you major in REL?”, “What do you like about the department?”, as well as a few fun ones too. 5 Things to Know About REL Majors from […]

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