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Classroom to Conference: REL Majors Presenting Their Research

REL is very happy to announce that two of our students have been accepted to present their research at the Southeastern regional meeting of the American Academy of Religion in March. Jared Powell will be presenting a paper titled “And the Beat Goes On: Imaginings and Retellings of Han Shan by Gary Snyder and Jack Kerouac.” The conference paper began as a project in Dr. Ramey‘s REL 419: Tales From Asia course. In the paper, he analyzes the ways in which […]

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Justifying Actions

By Ashley Crawford Ashley Crawford is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She is a junior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Psychology. Have you ever played the game telephone when you were younger? Someone starts out whispering a sentence in someone’s ear and they whisper it in someone else’s until it gets to the last person and by then it is completely different from the original sentence. This game was fun because it was always interesting to hear how different everyone […]

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Sita Sings the Universal Blues

by Jared Powell Jared Powell is  a senior from Canton, Mississippi majoring in English and Religious Studies. This post was originally written for Steven Ramey’s REL 419 class. Any college student would agree that the last thing we need is another Netflix suggestion to distract us from our studies… but that is exactly what I’m going to offer. Put down your English readings, forget about that MathLab assignment, and–dare I say it–skip the football game and watch Sita Sings the Blues. […]

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