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What’s in a Name?

Micah Davis graduated from the Department of Religious Studies in 2016. He is currently working for a health screening company in Alabama. Dihydrogen monoxide (later referred to as DHMO) is a toxic chemical compound that is not recognized as such by the CDC or the U.S. Government. Thousands have died after inhaling DHMO and it is a major component of acid rain. It can cause blood poisoning and it is also found in tumors which have been removed from cancer […]

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Narrative Constructs Culture

Micah Davis is a graduate of the University of Alabama who majored in Religious Studies and Philosophy. He is interested in ethics and social theory. The following was written for REL 360: Popular Culture/Public Humanities. REL 360 is the Department’s one-credit hour course that shows four films focusing on religion in pop culture throughout the semester. What do the Jewish Bible, the stories of Jesus, and movies have in common? They are all story-driven. The stories found in these different […]

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Relative Authenticity

By Micah Davis Micah Davis is a nineteen year-old sophomore majoring in philosophy at the University of Alabama. He is also a Religious Studies minor. Attack on Titan is a current production anime that began airing in 2013 in Japan based on a manga created in 2009. There is a new live action movie adaptation which is set to release in 2015. If you YouTube “Attack on Titan live action movie,” you will find a couple of different versions of the advertisement […]

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