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Equivalent Categories and Where to Find Them

 Jeremee Nute is a graduating M.A. student in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama. He is originally from Missouri, where he earned his B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from Missouri Western State University. Scholars who research cultures outside of Europe and North America often try to find categories that correspond to “religion,” such as those who study Ancient China. For example, one analog that is sometimes proposed by these scholars is Zōngjiào (宗教), said to be […]

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The Problem with “Misrepresentation”

 Anastasiya Titarenko is a rising Junior pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and minoring in Educational Studies. She is currently living in Accra, Ghana, and will be spending the next six months traveling to Ukraine, Italy, and New Zealand. “YOU’RE going to AFRICA?!” “Wow, I’ve always wanted to go to Africa and help the poor.” “Where is Ghana?” “Are you going to go on a safari? You better send me pictures.” There are just a few of the responses […]

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