What You Missed at This Week’s Grad’s Tale


Wednesday saw the semester’s first installment of “There and Back Again: A Grad’s Tale,” an event that brings back alumni who graduated from UA with a degree in Religious Studies to talk about life-after-diploma. This time, Prof. Mike Altman talked to Hannah Hicks, now a second-year law student here at UA. A double major in Religious Studies and Philosophy who graduated in 2013, Hannah talked about the ways in which her degrees in the liberal arts helped prepare her for her post-graduate studies. Specifically, she related the importance of the critical thinking skills she gained from her majors. Hannah’s interested in “public interest law”—an area of legal studies focused on advocating for or meeting the needs of specific communities (often, this happens through working with nonprofit organizations or specialized groups). With this in mind, she talked about how her work in the Religious Studies Department has helped her to think analytically—and not just in terms of statistical description—about what she deems to be “structural violences” like systemic racism and poverty.

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A Grad’s Tale with Hannah Hicks


The Department of Religious Studies is continuing its speaker series, There and Back Again: A Grad’s Tale, and the first installment of the semester is soon to come! Join us on Wednesday, January 28 at 6:00 pm in the Anderson Room of the Ferguson Center (Room 302) as recent grad Hannah Hicks discusses life after graduation.


Hannah earned her B.A. in May 2013. She was a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Hannah is currently in her second year of law school at the University of Alabama School of Law. Hannah will reflect on her time in REL and how she has transitioned into law school.

After she graduated, the University wrote a feature on Hannah, which you can read here.To watch a video of Hannah discussing her time as an undergraduate, click here.

For more information about the series and past speakers, check out our webpage here.

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Putting a Humanities Degree to Work


“That class [Modern Atheism] introduced a profound change in Hicks’ life. She began to listen to those with different views than her own, began to dialogue, and, finally, began to see. ‘It just all sort of clicked for me,’ she said. ‘You walk past people—the kinds of people that you don’t even see a lot of the time, people who are under-represented in our culture.'” Continue reading