A Serious Perspective


Brittany Brooks is a senior from Midland City, Alabama, who is majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Anthropology. She has a beautiful, lovable, four pound sister named “Eva the Diva” and enjoys the “awesomeness” that is taught in the Department. This post was originally written for Dr. Sarah Rollens’ course, REL 360: Popular Culture/ Public Humanities.

The Indie film A Serious Man is a work that is fascinating, perplexing, gloomy, and funny all at the same time! It tells the story of Larry Gopnik, a seemingly normal physics professor, and the randomly negative series of events that seem to rock his world; consequently, these unfavorable events leave him asking “Why?” As Larry pursues the meaning of his many misfortunes, he winds up empty-handed, much like many of us baffled viewers. While I did not have an explanation for Larry’s woes, what I did take away from A Serious Man is the idea that perspective, which is often based on one’s beliefs, assumptions, and/or opinions, will heavily influence any meaning any person tries to construct out of anything.

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