A Good Book: Durkheim Time with Prof. Finnegan

durkheim bookThe first episode in our newest series, A Good Book, is up and running! This video features Prof. Finnegan and her discussion of Emile Durkheim’s The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life.

A Good Book with Prof. Finnegan from UA Religious Studies.

A Good Book

libraryEver wonder if your professors have really read all those books in their offices? Well, they certainly have, and a few of those books have made lasting impressions on them.

In our new series A Good Book, the REL faculty members each choose a book and discuss its influence on them — as a student, a scholar, and as a teacher.

Eleanor Finnegan
Merinda Simmons
Mike Altman
Sarah Rollens
Steven Ramey
Russell McCutcheon
Nathan Loewen
Ted Trost
Steve Jacobs
Richard Newton