What’s in a Name?

Sierra Lawson is an M.A. student in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama; you can visit her website here. Advertisements have become increasingly common on social media platforms, sometimes with particularly chilling accuracy in regards to the consumer traits we reflect in daily conversations (I’m looking at you, Instagram). One recent advertisement has stood out to me, a product/service named “Brandless” claiming to be “Better Everything. For Everyone.” What does it mean to have a brand […]

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6 Questions with Susanna Dunlap

We’ve started a new series, featuring grads that have ended up doing a pretty wide variety of things after leaving their REL classes (graduating either recently or a little while ago).  So we posed a few questions to each and let’s see what we learn. 1. When were you enrolled at UA and what major(s) and minor(s) did you graduate with? I was enrolled from 2008-2013 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and a Bachelor of […]

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REL Looks Back

In getting ready for the new semester, we’ve decided to look back at how we’ve welcomed everyone back in past semesters. Our 2012 video (which was our first welcome back video!) followed the intro style of a particular 70s sitcom — can anyone guess which one it was? We made it driving around town with our camera person leaning out the widow. #behindthescenes Welcome Back! from UA Religious Studies. […]

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It’s been a busy summer here…

Summers around Manly Hall are a lot busier than you may think, (and no, we’re not just referring to the heightened squirrel activity). In fact, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into preparing for each Fall semester. So to give you an idea of what our summers are like, we’ve created a short video to sum it up. Busy Summer… from UA Religious Studies. (Thanks to our crack movie-making team of Andie and Caity) […]

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