Asian Studies Awards

Asian Studies Award Plaque

Each year, our Asian studies minor presents awards to its students.

The Asian Studies Outstanding Student Award recognizes an Asian studies minor, as selected by the cross-disciplinary Asian Studies faculty, whose academic work and contributions to the minor are exemplary.

The Asian Studies Research Award recognizes the research of undergraduate students that demonstrates significant engagement with Asia and high-quality research and writing. Each year a faculty committee selects a winner from submissions in two categories, essays and research papers.


Outstanding Student Award

Hannah Petersen

Taylor Brewer

Jacob Inglis

Emily Delozier

Jonathan Moss

Alexandria Brooks

D. J. Helmick
Kristin Conwill

Maryanne Mobley

Nicholas Crenshaw

Hannah Etchison

Maura Stephens

Javiera Reyes-Navarro

Essay and Research Award

Sandhu Aladuwaka
Victoria Crane

Ruth Hallstead
Adian Miles-Jamison

Sara Cassidy
Daniel W. Lee

Sarah Fields

Caitlyn Bell

Jackson Nock

Sarah Griswold

Jared Powell

Miranda Hartley

Aaron Curmi

Rita Isabella Morales

Javiera Reyes-Navarro
Jessica Cheek