The department offers three main areas designed to emphasize the  broad specialties of the faculty, each helping students to study religion in culture. The areas are as follows:

  • I: Religion in Communication
  • II: Religion in Conflict
  • III: Religion in Context

Current REL courses are now arranged into one of the three above fields of study, with each REL course being classified in no more than two different fields.

Majors are required to take two foundational courses and the senior capstone course, REL 490 (the latter offered each spring semester), along with 12 hours in their chosen field and 9 elective hours.

Minors will take a similar distribution of courses but with a total of 21 credit hours. (Minors are not required to enroll in REL 490.)

Required Courses Hours
REL 100 Intro to Religious Studies OR
REL 105 Honors Intro to Religious Studies
REL 102 Intro to Religions of the World 3
REL 490 Senior Capstone Seminar 3
REL field requirement** 12
REL electives 9
Total Hours 30

Cross-Disciplinary Component

To encourage cross-disciplinary work, and to allow REL students to take full advantage of The University of Alabama’s wide resources in the study of religion, up to 12 credit hours can be transferred from other departments to satisfy your REL major requirements. (Only 6 credit hours can be transferred to satisfy the minor; and only 6 credit hours of online coursework can count toward the major/minor). Prior permission from the REL advisor is required for these course substitutions — so please speak with him or her before registering/assuming that other departments’ courses will automatically count.

For more information on the degree requirements and course substitutions, see the Undergraduate Catalog.