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The University of Alabama’s MA in Religion in Culture is, if pursued full-time, a two year course of study (36 credit hours) that equips students in the study of religion with cross-disciplinary expertise in social theory as well as digital humanities tools, preparing them either for further graduate work in the academic study of religion (and related fields) or for the growing number of careers in which the combination of analytic tools and digital skills are seen as an asset. Students gain experience working closely with a faculty mentor to produce original research, assist in undergraduate classes, and submit their own work for possible publication, while also learning about the practical needs and future shape of the profession.

In consultation with a faculty advisor, students can opt for either 1) a defended thesis, as the culminating project (defined as a piece of original research that is potentially publishable as the student’s own academic article); 2) the comprehensive exam route, which can entail either a set of exams in their last semester; or, as we recommend, 3)  participation in the already require REL 590 Capstone Graduate Seminar — this latter route can still result in an original seminar paper that the student presents to faculty and students.

Our Department and its faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized experts who are helping to reinvent the study of religion and eager to work closely with MA students on a wide variety of topics. If your interests and goals overlap with our expertise, then we hope you’ll consider applying and coming to Alabama.

See our REL MA Flyer.

Program’s Foundations

Students earning MA degrees in the study of religion at the University of Alabama will set themselves apart nationally by means of our program’s dual focus on using cross-disciplinary social theory as well as practical digital skills, to create and pursue novel and original research projects that are aimed at a wide variety of readers, within and beyond the university. Learn more about each foundation of the program:

Social Theory and Religious Studies

Public Humanities and Religious Studies

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How to Apply

To learn more about our program, contact our Graduate Director, Prof. Steven Ramey and visit the UA Graduate Catalog

Read our REL MA Brochure (PDF) or see a copy of our flyer.