REL MA student, Caity Bell, working in an internship with Alabama Heritage magazineAlthough not required, the degree’s aim to help prepare a wide variety of students for futures beyond their M.A. means that the Department encourages its graduate students to consider participating in an internship at some point in their degree. Whether students hope to apply to a Ph.D. or look for work in any number of other careers, the practical experience of putting their skills to use during an internship will come in handy — in many cases the novel skills acquired in the required REL 502 foundations course, on digital skills in the humanities.

To accomplish this, the Department has already established relationships with a variety of on- and off-campus groups which are eager to work with our graduate students. For example:

Based on student interest the Department is also eager to contact other groups, on or off campus, as possible internship sites.

Internships are unpaid and either for credit (REL 565) or non-credit; they can vary in time commitment, from 5 hours per week for approximately 10 weeks to more time, all depending on what sort of experience the students wants and what skills they’re hoping to learn and use in the future. Internships can be carried out in the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester and are all supervised, in cooperation with REL’s Graduate Director.

If you’re interested to do an internship,
please contact our Graduate Director

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