Jack Bernardi

M.A. (Religious Studies)

Graduation Year: 2021

Jack Bernardi is back at his alma mater to pursue the REL MA after earning a BS in Pure Mathematics in 2017. His current research interests are primarily focused on applying strands of literary theory and phenomenology to emerging areas of American pop culture. In his free time, he’s either writing, playing tabletop games, or trying (unsuccessfully) to keep up with current music releases.

In 2019-20 Jack held the prestigious Graduate Council Fellowship and served as a half-time in the Fall of 2019 as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for American Studies. For 2020-21 he will hold the position of Graduate Research Assistant to the American Examples initiative in the Department.

Emma Gibson

M.A. (Religious Studies)

Graduation Year: 2019

Emma Gibson is from Charleston, SC, and graduated from Furman University in 2017 with a B.A. in Philosophy. Her interest in religious studies led her to the M.A. program at Alabama where she was able to combine her philosophical background to the critical study of religion. She defended her thesis, “Reorienting Phenomenological Method for the Critical Study of Religion,” and completed her M.A. in Spring of 2019. While working on her thesis, Emma was drawn to the idea of applying phenomenology and critical theory to fields outside of the humanities. She is now a student at Clemson University where she is pursuing a Master’s in Architecture.

Visit her website here.