REL 512.001

Debates in Method and Theory

T | 1:30-3:20

PRH 210

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The study of religion is often misunderstood, with students continually explaining that they are not necessarily training for the ministry nor intent on criticizing the beliefs or the practices of religious people. This course tackles the work of mostly younger scholars trying to address misconceptions about the study of religion while also making clear that a scholar of religion has something to add to scholarly debates—often by shifting or translating the claims from one domain to another (much as Emile Durkheim redescribed the claims from religion to that of sociology).

Russell T. McCutcheon

Book cover for Stereotyping Religion


Stereotyping Religion
Bloomsbury, 2017

Religion in 5 Minutes
Equinox, 2017

Religion in 50 Words
Routledge, 2021

Religion in 50 More Words
Routledge, 2021

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