REL 502.002

Public Humanities Foundations

M | 1:30-3:20

MA 210

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The seminar introduces students to a number of digital tools for research and the presentation of work to larger publics. In this seminar, we will discuss what it may mean to do public, online religious studies. During the semester, we will progress through an introduction to several digital tools for public humanities and their potential applications to our individual research interests. We will explore their technical aspects and their underlying methodological presuppositions in two ways: first, we will review online examples of how these tools are used by scholars in academia. Second, we will experiment together and individually with these tools to create beta versions that reflect our research interests.



Nathan R. B. Loewen

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    Please contact me by email or telephone to arrange an appointment.

  • (205) 348-5271
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Online Readings

Materials for the course will be available through the course website and our course channel on the REL Slack.