K. Merinda Simmons

By appointment

REL 501.001 Social Theory Foundations

“A ‘term’ is a boundary line, a line of demarcation.”

                                        —Thomas McLaughlin, Critical Terms for Literary Study


This graduate seminar introduces students to some of the terms and methods used in social theory and cultural analysis. As such, it presents the academic study of religion as an inevitably interdisciplinary field that draws from a host of various thinkers and texts. We will focus our readings and discussions around critical concepts important to studies of identity, text, and society.

W | 1:30-3:20

MA 210

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Lentricchia, Frank and McLaughlin, Thomas (eds.)
Critical Terms for Literary Study

Morrison, Toni
Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination

Books are available at the SUPe Store and online through vendors such as amazon.com.

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