REL 236.001


T, R | 2:00-3:15

PRH 207

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This course is an introduction to the traditions of Islam, including their history, texts, intellectual debates, and contemporary practices.

In this course we will study the beliefs and practices found among Muslims.  We will be examining the historical emergence of Islam, its texts, institutions, doctrinal developments, and its interactions with various world cultures.  The course is organized roughly chronologically, beginning with pre-Islamic Arabia, the making of the Prophet, the early community, the spread of Islam, philosophical and pedagogic debates and achievements, colonialism, and contemporary issues.  The rationale for this course is to expose students to the diversity within Islam.  The course emphasizes the role of interpretation, culture, and historical influences on popular practices and political ideas.  Beyond the descriptive content, this course aims at instilling critical thinking skills as they relate to the subject matter at hand.

Edith Szanto

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