REL 220.001

Survey of Asian Religions

T, R | 9:30-10:45

MA 207

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In this course we will examine religious identities and practices in various regional contexts of Asia, including those described as Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Parsi, Jain, and Sikh. The course will begin in South Asia and extend to other regions. Through this regional approach, we will survey the elements associated with each religion and the various ways people negotiate the diverse practices and ideas of their contexts. By considering the complexity of contemporary life, the interactions (both positive and negative) between people identified with different religious communities become a focus of our discussion. HU INB
(Image: Vaishnavite Venugopal Shrine in Jaipur, India, 2011)

Nathan R. B. Loewen

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There are no required books to be purchased; instead, PDF readings will be available in the class. UA libraries journal articles and open, online resources will also serve as the assigned readings for this course.

Online Readings

Blackboard Other texts will be available through the Blackboard course site.