Eudora Welty’s Jitney Jungle


By Jared Powell
Jared Powell is a junior from Canton, Mississippi
majoring in English and Religious Studies.

I recently attended the first Hidden Humanities lecture, hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences, featuring Dr. William Ferris and his talk “Standing at the Crossroads: The Humanities and the American South.” The lecture struck a few chords with me–and not just because he also played a couple blues classics on a steel string guitar during the lecture–and got me thinking about what I understood to be two of Dr. Ferris’ main points: the importance of a sense of place to “Southern culture,” and memory as a tie that binds individuals together. Continue reading

Learning to be Quick and Agile

ferrisDid you attend the inaugural Hidden Humanities Lecture last night in Gorgas Library (sponsored by the College and Arts & Sciences)? No? Well, you missed quite an event — it was filmed so watch for that in the coming weeks. And don’t forget, the second lecture is coming up in late February, with a new speaker.

In the meantime, check out this video of Prof. Ferris, last evening’s lecturer, talking about the Humanities…

the gateway to success, it’s the gateway to thinking on your feet, learning to be quick and agile, and to translate that into decisions that are going to make your future much more secure…