Religion on the Television (Part 3)

3 grace florrick

Kate Burton also plays attorney Victoria Adler on the series The Good Wife, and to that show I would now like to turn. The Good Wife‘s central character is Alicia Florrirck (Julianna Margulies), a woman estranged from her politician husband, Peter Florrick (Chris North), whose misdeeds force him to be removed from public office as Cook County state’s attorney. A recording of Peter’s adulterous affairs is aired endlessly on all forms of media; on account of his political crimes, he is incarcerated in the Cook County Jail for a time during which Alicia, who had been a housewife for the last decade or so, realizes she must make her own way in the world. She eventually lands a job as a first-year intern in the prestigious law firm of her former Georgetown classmate (and subsequent lover) Will Gardner (Josh Charles). Continue reading