tranCendenZ or eXistenZ?

Picture 5Are we testing a new virtual game or testing a new virtual game in which we’re testing a new virtual game?

Do we have bio-ports of cool blue head units?

Is your head spinning?

Join us for “eXistenZ” (1999) tonight
@ 6 pm in MA 210 (or 207 if throngs show up).
And yes, there’ll be real food.

Praxising What We Preach: Kickball and the Communitas of an Academic Department


Why do we teach our students social theory? Why teach them about collective effervescence, habitus, and discourse? I think we do it because we find these theories to be useful tools for analyzing and explaining the world around us. But often, I think, we academics are wont to apply these same theories to our more intimate surroundings. Theory is often a tool for explaining that stuff out there and rarely do we see it as a tool that we can put to use nearby. We don’t often praxis what we preach. Continue reading